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Climate Coin: WHITEPAPER

R KNIGHT 02.22.2022

INSIDE the crypto space there exists a dichotomy; The distaste of 'pegged' currencies that offer a lot of security, but high transaction fees. End-users confused about how to make green decisions when it comes to their choice of crypto holdings. But there are two bigger problems that no other crypto currency serves to mend.
Functionality/Solutions for merchants (means of access for both merchants and customers for real-time conversion)
Customer (end-user) ease of transfer and preferred method of holding (paper, digital, chain) with low fees and green transactions.
Some crypto providers seek to offer debit cards as a solution to one of these problems, but utilization rates remain low because of high gas/transactional fees.

Call them 'alt' coins and 'shit' coins, but we call them lazy.
Built off of existing protocols and empowering 'dirty' systems that are wasteful and mined using fossil fuels in relatively hot/humid countries.

We can solve this; with a climate coin.
A thoroughly de-regulated, with a public de-centralized ledger capable of tying into commercial POS systems without disrupting the flow-of commerce.
The idea of making plastic debit cards to reduce our carbon footprint is a little redundant that's why utilizing existing NFC technology, we could easily provide digital payment options to our customers.
A coin that serves to function as a clerical 'taxable' function within the credit system, you service it on the local, state and national level, levying taxes and climate tokens at the time of mining (TOM) and saving that information within the token itself.
I'm talking about creating a coin than fixes the transactional fee/climate tax/public tax all within the act of mining/transacting.
This is to avoid the issue of double spending, but also of double taxation and double transacting/gas fees.
With the prevalence of stewardship companies that offer tree/fish/habitat renewal you would be able to preserve national sites while transacting by partnering with these institutions and NGO's.
The company, in order to mitigate, organize and coordinate efforts to facilitate 'industry greening' should have other crypto currency companies join a type of crypto-council or panel on crypto climate action to influence smaller and newer crypto companies to commit to meaningful compliance to making the the entire space greener through proven-initiatives.

This would be organizational centralization with the mantra of being a global crypto climate initiative.

To be continued...
Publishing date: 02.22.2022